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How It Started

The road to success

DTG2GO is the fusion of 3 original innovative on-demand apparel print providers, combining their strengths into a single, formidable entity. The journey began in 2008 when SSI (Silk Screen Ink), headquartered in Storm Lake, Iowa, kick-started the direct-to-consumer fulfillment trend by fueling the “Artist Platforms” through API ordering and delivery systems. Shortly after, 2 other rapidly growing fulfillment companies, Art Gun in Miami, FL, and DTG2Go in Tampa Bay, FL, entered the market.


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How we grew

Digital Print Production Powerhouse

Over the following years, all 3 companies continued to grow and innovate in the industry of digital apparel printing. They achieved this by advancing in technologies, nurturing talent, and forming partnerships with prominent e-tail websites, entrepreneurial start-up platforms, and top-tier equipment manufacturers. Between 2016 and 2018, Delta Apparel, a leading supplier of blank apparel for decorators, acquired all 3 companies (SSI, ArtGun, and DTG2GO) to create the industries 1st vertically integrated DTG On Demand customizable fulfillment network.


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Influential Leader

Digital Printing and Fulfillment Framework

Now operating under the DTG2GO corporate banner, these companies, which originally started from modest beginnings, has become a dominant force in the direct-to-garment digital printing and fulfillment industry. Printing and dispatching products from 7 strategically positioned locations throughout the United States, including sites co-located within Delta Apparel distribution centers, others conveniently situated as "just in time" satellites to swiftly cater to major cities, and some integrated within retailer distribution centers to offer real-time on-demand fulfillment directly from our partner DC operations.


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Pushing The Boundaries Of Technology

Cutting-Edge Automation Technology

By harnessing advanced automation and our exclusive software, DTG2Go seamlessly manages the production of custom-printed apparel, routing to the most geographically beneficial production facility, swiftly delivering them to end consumers on behalf of our clients. Our robust digital supply network and infrastructure enable the production and shipment of personalized graphic products within 24 to 48 hours, catering to a diverse global clientele. With our extensive network of locations, shipping transit times, and rate zones we are unmatched by any provider in North America.


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Thriving Together

Today, DTG2Go caters to the ever-evolving needs of the rapidly expanding e-tail marketplace and serves as a digital production hub/network for brick-and-mortar stores, private labels, customized designs, novelty items, branded merchandise, and licensed apparel. We take pride in offering solutions for clients of all sizes and anticipate the opportunity to work with you in the near future.